The drive from the camp in Penn wasn't too bad, but the drive from Columbus, Ohio was so long, we had more than a day's worth of weather. The total time it took to get from Columbus to just outside Omaha, Nebraska, took 15 and 1 quarter hours, leaving Ohio at 8:00 and getting to Omaha at about 11:15. The weather started out cloudy and foggy, then in was a little bit rainy, then sunny, then cloudy and rainy again. After all that a tornado warning came in for Omaha. It was sunny, but as quick as a cricket's hop, there was a monstrous thunder storm ahead of us. We started to drive into the storm, and it started to rain. The farther in we got, the harder it rained, and eventually, it started to hail. To anyone who has seen the 4th Harry Potter movie, the storm was as black as the dark mark. It was raining so hard that we had to take an exit of of the highway and just sit and wait until the storm quieted down. We started about two times, thinking it had slowed down enough, and stopped again because the storm picked back up. I fell asleep when we finally started again and slept the last 75 miles and woke up when we were driving around just outside of downtown Omaha, finding my dad's friends house. We got there with in 5 minutes of me waking up. We brought in our stuff and we were so tired, we blacked out in a minute. UVA won their first game on Sunday, almost getting a shut- out, 4-1 against Cal, and playing there next game on Tuesday, the firts game I'm going to.