Volume 1 One cool October evening me and my best friend Ricky were out going the candy store to get some Halloween candy. We saw a house with some really cool Halloween decorations. Ricky and I, being curious, went to go look around. Then we heard a soft deafening roar. A door opened and the roar got suspiciously louder. A man was at the door with a chainsaw. He said, “Let’s get em’ boys” he yelled. “LETS GET OUT OF HERE” I yelled.

So we ran to the dark woods next to the scary house. We ran and ran and ran. “We’re gonna get the dogs,” they said. I thought, cute and cuddly dogs, I can deal with. Mean and violent dogs, I can’t deal with. Ricky said,” I’m going to try to get away”. I thought hard. Then I said, “Good luck” and saw him disappeared into the darkness.

I ran and ran and found a pine forest. It was getting late and I was getting scared. I knew there was a cliff around here and I wasn’t taking chances. But, I forgot something. They (the hillbillies) had a car. And, therefore, I was dead. They got out of their car and the chase was on. I ran as fast as I could but I was outnumbered. I had nowhere to go. I had no choice. I had to jump. So, I did. It felt like I never would hit the water. But then I hit and went under. It felt like the Pacific Ocean. I bobbed to the surface of the clear water.

I swam upstream and got out. I saw a cabin in the woods above. There was a path up to the house on the cliff. I went up to the house and hoping that it was not a friend of the hillbillies, I knocked. An old woman opened the door and offered me to come inside. She gave me some warm blankets and some coffee and asked '' Why did you jump off the cliff”. “I was being chased by hillbillies with chainsaws”, I said miserably. “That’s horrible”, she said. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. Someone was at the door. “ Go get some rocks under the trapdoor that’s under the bed”. “O.K.” I said. I went down the trapdoor and got some rocks like she told me to. I kept going throught the tunnel and found a boat. I turned the key and the engine sputtered and then roared to life. Then I sped out from the cave and went to the other side.

When I got there I looked at my glow-in-the-dark watch. It said 10:00pm. I got in the boat and swam upstream. My house was near this river. When I got there I got out and started the short walk home. When I got there I got some dinner and went to bed.