The Magic Lucky Penny
By: Owen
" Come up close and I'll tell you the tale of the time I found a magic lucky penny" Grandpa said.
"One day Otto and I found an almost 100-year-old penny and we brought it inside and put it on the kitchen table. I went upstairs to change and Otto went to go help mamma with canning the apple butter. When I came back downstairs the penny was gone. And, to make matters worse Otto had cut his hand canning and couldn't help me look for it. I asked Rosie to help me and she and a scared, mischeavous look in her eyes and quickly said no. I asked her if she knew where it was and I got the same response... a quick no. And, after years and years of this, experience finally came to help... for once. Then, I knew, don't ask me why, but I just knew that Rosie had taken that penny and hidden it. But where, where would she hide a penny. I had no idea in the world where it was but, that was up 'till that moment when I got it. But, I didn't need to look anywhere else. It had magically popped into my hand" Grandpa told us. "And, I also learned not to trust my thinking every once in a while,because that one I did to much work for nothing." Grandpa laughed.
'' But, then the next day I lost it again and this time Rosie had nothing to do with it... as in it dissapeared in my plain sight. And, yet again, it came back into my hand without me doing anything. Right at that very m,oment I decided that it was a truly lucky and magical penny even though it was 96 years old. Then again that could have been the exact thing that made it magic.Oh, and I forgot to tell you about my guess that it was just a machine malfunction that it had my very detailed face on the back of the penny.
But that another story for another day"

The Penny Machine Malfunction Mystery
By: Owen
"Come up close and I'll tell you the tale of my penny machine malfunction mystery" said Grandpa
"After me and Otto had found a save place to keep our magic penny we were still trying to find out how my face had gotten on the back of the penny. There were so many different things we had thought of that could have happened so we went to ask the Potato Man to ask for some help. He helped so much that we gave him 50 cents because he had narrowed down our choices for what seemed like 2,002 down to 2.
Here were the choices
1: That it was just dumb luck that it looked like my face.
2: That it was fate and I was destine to be something like a millionaire.

They were both plausible answers and had about a 50-50 chance. For example: What are the chances that I would end up getting that penny, plus, there's a slim chance that the machine making the penny would malfunction.