I am in Cub Scouts and each year we have a Pinewood Derby. Each scout can make a car from a block of wood with notchs for the wheels. We paint them and sand them smooth. I have done this since I was 6 and, I only have one year left to do it. If you want to see my latest car, you're in luck.This was my most recent car but, if you look closely on the 2nd picture, you can see some gorrilla glue got on the wheels so it went fairly slow.This year's car was named Snake Eyes. Evan is also a scout and makes Derby cars so you can ask him what his car looked like. The first one I made was normal on all but one factor... I had gone to the docter recently and had gotten a cat sticker but didn't know what to do with it so I just put it on the front of my car when I was in 2nd grade.