If you have seen a christmas carol (a play at the blackfriar's playhouse in Staunton, Virginia) then you will know that it is a play about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, who loves money, and hates people (and even Christmas!) and when his partner named Marley dies and he is on his way home from work. Instead of seeing a big doorknob he saw... MARLEY`S DEAD FACE!!And when Mr.Scrooge went into his bedroom something coming through the floor...Marley!He warned Scrooge that in the next few days he would be visited by three ghosts- the ghost of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future.At the end Mr.Scrooge changes,and now he loves everything!(including Christmas and giving money to good causes.)

This is where I went on Sunday, December 20th, with my sister Emmy, my Mom, Dad, my brother Gray, and both of my grandparents. While I enjoyed the play itself, I also loved seeing the theatre- the Blackfriar's Playhouse is an exact replica of one of Shakespeare's real theatres! We got to sit in the mezzanine, or in the middle of the theatre. This was cool because Scrooge walked by and gave me the 'evil eye' in the beginning.

My sister Emmy had gone to this play with her school before, so she knew all about it, and could tell us a bit about some of the actors and the ending. She also went to the same restauraunt that the actors had been to after the show! She got their autographs, and her teacher got to sit with the narrator!

I loved this play, and I think that if you like funny stories, with dramatic twists, happy endings, and even scary moments, then you should definatly visit the Blackfriar's Playhouse to see a Christmas Carol!
'' Baa humbug!''
- Written by Emmy and Owen T.



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